Counseling Services

People think going to a counselor is to get answers. This is only part of the equation.


Do you give people guidance?  Do you listen? Do you ask questions?

Yes, Yes and Yes!  But that isn’t all there is to it either.

Sometimes clients want to talk about specific issues, so our counselors ask questions to identify what’s bothering them. Clients are usually in the “moment” – they are typically experiencing something negative, which could be triggering stress, depression, anxiety or a variety of other emotions. By asking questions AND listening the client feels heard. They know that the counselor “gets” how they’re feeling, because the counselor is experiencing a little of what is causing their pain, and that’s often comforting.

So how does that change things?

Essentially the counselor helps them move into, or access, their inner resources by bringing their awareness to the present moment; having them notice their feelings, their body sensations and their thoughts. Our counselors introduce resources that might ease their stress and anxiety such as a favorite fantasy, a fond memory, or pleasant event.

Think of a negative thing being paired with something positive. It builds up your core a little bit more so you can handle that same subject better in the future.

But can someone really change?

Yes, when you take yourself out of your normal pattern of reacting to things and replace it with a new positive resource to pull from it stimulates rearrangement of the wiring of the brain and your thought process. In other words, the reaction associated with that particular issue diminishes.   And long term this can be applied to many other issues that may arise or are already present.

Over time, clients become emotionally more stable and capable of managing stressors that come with daily living and life becomes more joyful and content.

SO….If your feelings are snowballing and preoccupying more and more of your time, then you may want to consider getting help now rather than later.

Finding the right counselor and then getting an appointment can be a chore in and of itself, leaving precious time to pass. Luckily, there are experienced counselors here at Old Towne Counseling Services that are ready to help in any way, so the feelings can be controlled.


Our skilled therapists are expertly qualified to provide:

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Couples Counseling

Child and Adolescent therapy

Co Parenting support

Substance Use/Abuse Counseling

Counseling for Co Occurring Disorders


Counseling can help you:

Improve relationships

Define and reach personal goals

Cope with stress

Develop a plan for coping with a crisis

Overcome fears and insecurities

Work through past traumatic experiences

Understand what bothers you and why

Stop destructive habits

Self esteem

Every journey begins with a single step. Let us help you take steps toward a brighter tomorrow.
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