Mary Butler

Therapist and Independent Contractor at Old Towne Counseling Services.

LCSW, Independent Contractor

Mary Butler is a clinical social worker licensed in the State of Virginia. She graduated from Norfolk State University with her master’s in social work in 1980 and completed her post-graduate work at the Family Therapy Practice Center in Washington, DC.


Mary comes to Old Towne Counseling Services with 30 years of experience working in various settings including United Way, the Children’s Hospital, and private practice. She has extensive experience in working on issues including chronic illnesses, childhood cancer, military life, and the consequences of childhood abuse and neglect. 


Mary works with couples, families, and individuals with an emotionally focused and relational framework. She is passionate about helping people in our community strengthen relational bonds, develop skills to improve communication, and enhance their emotional closeness to others.


Mary also works with her clients to improve their conditions at work, in their home, and in the community.

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