Nidhi Tewari


Nidhi Tewari is a trauma-focused, licensed clinical social worker with over 10 years of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults to heal from PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other challenges. Nidhi is level 1 and level 2 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trained, and she utilizes this evidence-based technique to unlock her client’s innate healing abilities, which in turn provides them with relief from emotional difficulties. Nidhi is well-versed in several other evidence-based therapeutic interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapy.


Nidhi has also worked in a variety of practice settings, including private practice, outpatient clinics, community service boards, high schools, and hospitals. She uses her experience and specialized training to provide the highest quality, individualized care to her clients. Nidhi is always invested in her client’s success, and she focuses on the strengths of each person she works with. Her genuinely compassionate, humorous, and approachable demeanor allows her to quickly build and maintain rapport with her clients and their families, and she believes that a strong therapeutic relationship is at the core of progress.


Nidhi understands that change takes courage and strength, and she feels honored to walk alongside her clients in their journey towards a brighter future.

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